“I can’t find enough experienced software developers!”

Does this sound familiar?
Is this an increasingly common situation?
Do you feel your current recruitment and
selection practices are incapable to
resolve it promptly?

Meet Skill Sprint Academy

How can Skill Sprint Academy help?

We’ll help you in recruiting, train your students and provide constant feedback


Would it not be easier if you just had to find the ultimate professional right at the start?
Would you rather not just select that candidate who has all the right knowledge at the get-go?

It would be so much easier if you had only to find a person who would make a great colleague and would fit right in the team!

“Vrg was splendid, he was just churning out the code. He was helpful, whenever an issue arose, he’d come and help out whenever he could.”

One of our students, on Peter Varga

Assessment centre


There are less and less skilled professionals, but there are plenty of candidates with the right competences and skills. You will have an easier job if they are the ones you need to find!

Expect even better results with the aid of professional trainers and educators experienced in selection and training.

“Flaki told us everything, what we wanted to know, and he was really helpful”

One of our students on Istvan Szmozsánszky


  • Support in recruiting and selection
  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Exercises and demos
  • Individual and team projects
  • In-house developed study materials

“Has vast knowledge of the highest quality, on should be happy to know a fraction of that”

about our trainer

In-house developed training material and documentation for all modern technologies

Where are the hidden talents?

Further screening is required after your HR selects the candidates that fit the team. Skill Spring Academy’s Assessment Center (AC) offers efficient methods to discover who is ready to become an excellent developer for you through our training. The HR team, the team leader and the agile project manager are given a full assessment on the candidates on selection day.

By the end of the day, future managers of all candidates will clearly see who it is they want to start their journey with.

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