Skill Sprint Academy — The Particulars

Skill Sprint Academy ‘classes’ are recommended to corporations that regularly employ several programmers and are unable to find accomplished professionals who are skilled just in the right technologies for them.

The Skill Sprint Process

Feature One

Skill Sprint Academy’s course material is the result of several years of development. We have accumulated lectures and exercises for many weeks.

During initial stages we consult with the client to draw up the final agenda and duration. In fancier words: we apply instructional analysis and design’.

Feature Two

A feature of Skill Sprint Academy is that candidates are selected by the joint efforts of the employer and the trainer. The special ‘Assessment Center’ (AC) forms a part of the Skill Sprint package, where candidates are pre-selected by the employer and undergo a day-long evaluation.

The AC consists of individual and team-based, oral, written and machine-assisted tasks. The Customer's recruitment and engineering team leaders participate in the evaluation from the employer’s side, while educators do so on DPC’s side.

The AC is, naturally, customizable to the client’s needs.

Feature Three

We believe the foundation to all fields lies in theory and purposeful practice.

One can’t let a good software developer or even a mediocre coder armed only with Google to meet problems head on.

Therefore, each section starts with lectures and practices in the particular field lead by an educator.

Among others (customizable to the level of the individual client), the default curriculum is: Java, Devops, Continuous Delivery, Spring Boot, REST Web Services, HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS2, Scrum.

We also offer special courses, e.g. Test Automation Academy, Big Data Academy.

Feature Four

It is important for both students and employers to receive constant feedback: we call that Continuous Evaluation.

The first evaluation is AC, which serves as a baseline to measure development.

During the course of each training segment:

  • the educator reports to the client regularly;
  • gives opinion on codes committed in exercises; students take exams (there’s no failing, but tests with low scores can be retaken); the employer regularly requests feedback from students about the training; trainers constantly consult with the employer (HR, engineering); an up-to-date and comprehensible picture is formed about each person, which all participants can monitor.

Feature Four

We also believe that theoretic knowledge will not last unless it is put into practice.

Students will work on parts of a project in larger teams for the final weeks.

They also gain experience with Scrum during this time.

The project aims to be realistic, and we took care that it covers the areas we discussed in the weeks prior.

At the end of the project students will present their finished (or semi-finished) creation. Their future colleagues, managers and project managers take part.

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